Concentraition on a one single topic nowadays is much more difficult than it used to be. But why? I think there’s no definitly answer. It can be the result of communication tools abundancy. Let’s try to prepare a list of things that intrup us of working, studying and so on.

on top of our list as you guess is “Cell-phone”. Moblie or cell-phone eat into our time very fast. For first step I really really recomend you decrese using of it. One of the best application for tracking your using of moblie is QUALITY-TIME. It works great. Pleas try it.

New Look to the ground

I love googel earth. It always has a surorise for you. In 3 below picture I’ve tried to tell you more about these surpriseing things:

1. United State

2. Natales (Chile)

3. Forish District (Uzbekistan)

We can see some masterpice of nature. Just enough to look at them for seconds…

Stop saying, Start doing

I think the differnce between a succesful man and a loser man is what they do after hearing or reading things such: sentence, paragraph ,qota and so on. They just repeating it in front of others or they think more about it and maybe after that doing and get action?

It can be a life style to determinate some micro-action over things we think they’re true and can change our life and make it more better, even a bit more better. It’s NOT important how far we should go forward, the important thing is we just go foward.

So please think more and do more action over things that are: Easy to say, but hard to embrace!


Newest newest post in english

I should be honst, at least to myself. I’m not so good in english. Because of it, in next weeks I want just to write in english with lots of mistakes. I paln to just write and share some ordinary sentences to be good in english some days.

I this my new journy I have some simple rules or in other hands qualification:

  • Everyday I should to write ( except for 3 days in each 30 days)
  • At leat 100 words should be write
  • Every week, I must to record and sent it here (Minimum length: 180 secends)
  • I should NOT, ever and never, delete/edite any of my old posts (To see my progress in some days ans be happy)

It’s all of my rules. Very easy?! I don’t think so.

Let’s just get started.